Hard Limit Z


I am using smothieboard v1 and one stepper motor NEMA 23 like Z axis and it doesn’t work fine.
Previously, I built a CNC eShapeoko with another smoothieboard and all went fine for the first time, but I am building another eShapeoko with the smoothieboard v1, and I have a trouble that I don’t know how I can solve it.

With the new smoothieboard v1, If I only connect the stepper motor of Z axis, and I click on the control panel to move 1 mm up, the stepper motor vibrates and the bCNC says “Hard limit Z”. To kwon if the smoothiboard fails, I have used the old smoothieboard of the another eShapeoko, and when I want to move 1 mm up again, the z motor go up or down 1 mm . Randomly the stepper motor go down or up. Never it go in the same direcction and I don’t know what is the problem.

Please I need help for this.


If it says “hard limit Z”, this means you have configured it to stop if the Z endstop is hit ( see the endstop documentation ), and that it things that the Z endstop is hit ( which can be because it is hit, or because it is not properly wired, or not properly configured, or broken ). In all cases, read the endstops documentation and configure your endstops correctly ( or de-activate them ), and everything will start working again.