Harbor Freight 1 ton arbor press $44.99

Been wanting one and at this price it was an easy choice to purchase.


Gosh, @HalfNormal pressing on me to buy a press…?

You know I like to make an impression! :grin:

I liked the pun … tons!

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Looks like the sale price has passed. Unless that was a coupon?

Looks like that must have been a sale price.

Harbor freight has stopped their 20% coupons from what I can tell.

I believe they stopped the 20% coupons because they are really pushing their Inside-Track membership where you can get more discounted pricing. At $30/yr the member ship isn’t worth it to me unless I was planning to buy something expensive.

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I thought I read that they are getting rid of coupons and you can get the discount in the store when advertized. The membership gives you additional discount.