Happiness is: Two (or more) printers running at the same time...

Happiness is: Two (or more) printers running at the same time…
Never had two before, but now that I do it’s… pretty cool :slight_smile:

What type of printers do you have.

The big one is a Core-XY bot I custom built. I blogged about my build here if you’re interested:
The small one is a Replicator 1.

I though the same thing. Just a lot of posts for me to edit now :stuck_out_tongue:

Here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-post-navigation/

And here: http://wpsites.net/web-design/previous-next-single-post-navigation-links-wordpress/

Oh yeah, it’s very nice seeing multiple ones all working. Get that egg bot in on the fun!

Thanks for the tip @Mike_Thornbury : Just installed that plugin. Slick!

Ya @Justin_Nesselrotte , the eggbot could definitely get in on the action too :wink:

What’s the price range of the larger printer?

I’m guessing I’m in about $1300 in parts.

That’s more reasonable than I thought. It would be useful for bringing my dxf models to life. Thanks for the info.

That is a tremendously awesome build log for that printer! I’m building a CoreXY bot as well, unfortunately mine won’t fit through the door! http://imgur.com/a/snlEs

I’m going to totally write up a serious how-to on my printer after seeing your great blog.

Ha, that thing is a monster. Hope it prints great :wink:

Looking good , I also want to have a second printer to save time.