Hangs up when "Creating Vector" Ive been trying to figure out Laserweb

(Vijay Anand) #1

Hangs up when “Creating Vector”

Ive been trying to figure out Laserweb. Having been using the bundled software with the Eleksmaker and Laserweb4 is a breathe of fresh air. BUT.

  1. When I add this as a document, it opens and shows in the workspace.
  2. When I click on Filter / trace and show preview trace, it shows (beautifully), but when i click on Create Vector, it just hangs there - for a few hours.
  3. Also I tried just adding the image and not tracing and clicking “Generate G Code” and apart from the header settings mentioned under GCode settings, it doesnt seem to generate any GCode.

What am I doing wrong? :frowning:

Using LaserWeb4 on a Mac.

(Joseph Alexander) #2

are you dragging the document down on the left sideto the drag and drop box to make an operation?(laser raster by default usually) Also make sure you have a speed set or it will not generate G-code either.

(Vijay Anand) #3

@Domm434 I would have never in a million years figured out that. I thought that option was if I already had gcode files then I add it at that layer, and I kept dragging gcode files into that box and it kept opening the file for preview inside the entire frame.

Okay so GCode generation works. Next is to figure why it crashes when I ask it to create vector and why it hangs up when I import an SVG. Thank you.

(Joseph Alexander) #4

some svg’s have an excessive amount of small lines as curves and the massive amount of paths bog it down quite a bit. I have had load times from 2-3 seconds up to 5-10min. sometimes re-saving them can fix this, even with a copy paste save in inkscape or similar program. Don’t ask me why as I have no idea why this works…

(Joseph Alexander) #5

alternately you can also try dxf files.