HALT Reset or M999

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cartesian 250x250x282 - three Nema17 engines - Skr v1.1 32-bit C - 1 extruder - heated bed - Simple Endstops (not with LEDs) connected in V and G - Reprap Discount Full graphic Smart Controller.
The printer turns on, but I can not do anything. The menu navigates showing me the menus without being able to do anything. I always arrive at the same page that tells me the message I put in the object. I tried everything, disconnected each cable, reset the card … changed the sensors. The temperatures are read.I do not know what to do to solve. I had a hard time configuring the firmware. The printer does not connect with Simplify 3d and with others while connecting it does not communicate. I ask for help.

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The card is impossible to configure. As far as I follow the instructions there is no way that the printer will respond to any command for the block that does not even know what it is due to. If I change the components it does not change the result and I have no contact to write to get resolutions. If I can not use the cards I have to return them, but first I try with every means to make them operational. I hope someone reads and can help me.

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If you’re using switch endstops (whether NO or NC) you cannot connect to V and G. This may damage your board. Whenever the switch closes it is shorting +5V to ground! The signal pin is P1.28, P1.29, etc. and gets pulled to ground when you close (or open) the switch. The +5V is only there for endstops with active electronics such as optical sensors. Some boards label the endstop pins as S, G and V. S and G (signal and ground) are the only ones you want to connect. Do not use V!
You should be able to bring up the web interface if an ethernet cable is connected. Send the command M119 to see the status of all endstops. If any of them are triggered and you have endstop limit enabled, you are in a halted state and you can only send M999 to resume.
First you need to figure out your endstops. You should be able to run M119 with each switch open and closed. I don’t have the genuine Smoothieboard (I have the MKS Sbase) but generally the endstops work better when you wire the switches to NO and C, so pressing the switch opens the circuit. This is the default for the sample config, you can reverse by adding ! to the endstop config.