Hallo we are finally trying to move to Tinyg2 with a DUE,

Hallo we are finally trying to move to Tinyg2 with a DUE, the issue atm is that I can t get a proper configuration can you check if this json is ok? http://codepad.org/gXl1E4Nz
Server is 1.92
Tinyg is the latest binary for DUE from http://synthetos.github.io/g2/

Is this pinout correct? https://github.com/synthetos/g2/wiki/Arduino-DUE-Pinout-for-tinyG2
There is a weird behavior as Y works fine, X works on direction but moves Z, Z moves only in one direction.
Copying form the GRBL wiring DIR and STEP pins are going to the negative connection of the drivers, is this correct?


Really trying hard here, I fail at sending a roper script at startup to set the configuration, it is too long , the buffer is not emptied so it is not sent… any idea?
(is it possible to send nested json? or is it better to send single values?)

Finally an somehow working… it takes a bit of restarting the RPI and/or the jsonserver and/or chilipeppr and a bit of voodoo magic to get the connection on and the buffer to empty.

  • is it possible to send different text mode messages to the serial console? How to split them? Comma, colon ?
  • what about the enable pins? Is the Arduino DUE pinout diagram in wiki reliable? I have the ENABLE+ on the 3.3v and if I connect the ENABLE- to GND then all motors are disable correctly but if I connect ENABLE- to any of the Motor Enable pin of teh DUE teh motors are not disabled (they are on powermode 2)
  • sometimes it gets stuck then i hit ~ and it starts againwhen it happens the planner is on maximum (28)