Hallo, we are experiencing aborted runs running CP on a RPi1 (cabled) and different

Hallo, we are experiencing aborted runs running CP on a RPi1 (cabled) and different PCs (wifi). I am not excluding problems withe wi-fi connection. What is the best way to debug this issue? We have tried raising the pre-load lines to 1000 bu to no effect. Runs just stop a random points.

This seems to be a noise related issue. Do you have limit switches enabled? If yes, are the switches NO or NC configuration? Do you have soft limits enabled? Do you have any filters? What is your spindle motor or do you have a Dremel like tool? Do you have grbl setup or TinyG or other?
Try disabling limits in software and see if that helps. I had problems with spindle noise causing similar problems and finally added optocouplers to solve this. I’m running my machine on Rpi2 right now.

grbl or tinyg? screenshots always help tell the whole story of what device, versions, etc.

GBRL here, no switches, running with a USB cable is all fine so it must me some problem with connection, buffer or sort of. Latest JSON server. Spindle is on its own line.

What version of SPJS?


What buffer are you using? BTW, all of these questions would be answered with a screenshot.

When your run stops at random points, do you see the SPJS disconnected like the websocket dropped? Or do you see it stay connected and yet the job is as if it is paused? When it stops can you continue it by sending a feed hold resume command?

Yes I can resume with the ~ button (didn t notice that yesterday), so the websocket is up.

It is very possible you have run into a bug in the Grbl buffer in SPJS. I had mentioned this possible bug to the previous owner of the Grbl workspace about a year ago because TinyG buffer had a similar bug. That bug got stamped out a year ago in TinyG’s buffer, but the Grbl buffer never did because nobody had run into it. It has to do with thread locking and the fact that it can get out of sync in inbound/outbound character counts. This is my best theory at this point. I don’t do any Grbl work so somebody in the community would have to fix this by basically just stealing the code from the TinyG buffer and sticking it into the Grbl buffer code in SPJS. I welcome pull requests.

My Arduino DUE is steaming with impatience …