Hallo Community Is there a posibility to engrave on rounded surfaces?

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Is there a posibility to engrave on rounded surfaces?

I have a Diode laser with z axis support.
I will engrave the text: “Test auf der Overfläche”, so I need a 3D file to import:
STL, IGES, STEP or whatever.

2D DXF, SVG,… does not have the z-axis information, so the laser wont be in focus.

Thanks in advance opaque

You could generate gcode for a 3D toolpath with fusion360 and then make changes to turn the laser on/off

There is also a program called CNC wrapper I believe that takes flat gcode and wraps it on a curved surface.

Did anybody have an installer of Fusion 360 for OsX Mavericks (10.9.5). It should be free for personal use.

Look at f-engrave, you will need to set up a probe. There are others also that allow a part to be probed and will adjust the code automatically to fit the surface.

Sorry wrong program, G-code ripper,

@Dave_Lawrence : i tried G-code ripper:

  1. generate gcode in Laserweb4
  2. save gcode and rename file to .ngc
  3. open gcode in G-code ripper
  4. apply settings
  5. export G-Code rename file to .gcode
  6. open in laserweb

but it is still a plane gcode. only shrinked!

But able to check at the moment but is laseweb flattening the Z axis instead of wrapping it, load the code into http://ncviewer.com or the chillipepper web based Sims to check the Z travel.

can anybody help me. It wont work after export from G-Code ripper.

The Gcoe looks good in gcode ripper. After save as wrap and open in NC Viewer all is in one line!

Files are here: