Had the installation of new officers at my Masonic lodge last night.

(Ned Hill) #1

Had the installation of new officers at my Masonic lodge last night. I was sporting a pair of cuff links I made along with a name tag and presentation box I made for the outgoing Master of the lodge. The presentation box was a pine box, I found at the craft store, that I dressed up with a lacquer finish, blue flocked paper inside and an alder wood laser etched and cut jeweled S&C on top. The box contains a gold Past Master jewel on a tie chain.

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I have recently discovered, and become a fan of, these pine boxes you can find at craft stores. They are available in a variety of sizes and are cheap. This 4x4" box with hidden barrel hinges and magnetic closure was only $1! I found it at the AC Moore craft store. The other craft stores have boxes as well but they are of slightly different shape and hardware.

You can engrave them, but plan on darkening the engraving as pine doesn’t darken when engraved.

(Ned Hill) #3

Here is another presentation box I did for someone else where I engraved the top. I did a black paint infill on the engraving.

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Nice Work Wor. Ned!

(0.45 NACL) #5

Nice craftsmanship.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6

… Very Nice!

(James Rivera) #7

How did you make the cuff links?

(Ned Hill) #8

@James_Rivera cufflinks are easy. You can get cuff link blanks with glue pads in a variety of finishes. I use blanks with 10mm glue pads and use CA glue to attach. I rough the pads slightly first with a bit of sandpaper and they are next to impossible to get off without destroying the face.

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Lots of places sell blanks, but I buy mine from this seller on Etsy. Great price, just takes a couple of weeks for delivery from China to the US. https://etsy.me/2rvaMSV

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We’re everywhere :wink: