Had some fun the last few days making a new end effector for the

Had some fun the last few days making a new end effector for the Talos3D Tria Delta. What I found is the printer is so reliably stable that I never actually used the inductive level probe after first calibration. Plus now that I know more about tuning the delta it is actually very easy to hand tune the limit offsets, Z-Max, and arm radius.

So I set out to make an effector with less weight, dual cooling blowers, and most importantly fail-safe bungee cords for in case the magnetic joints ever popped of.

I have had the effector pop off a few times on the original design due to a nozzle catch during a fast travel move. Luckily so far I have always been close buy… until the last time (picture in the album). With these new bungees I feel much more confident letting the printer run at night without fear it could burn my house down.

I will be getting everything finalized, then do a pull request on the Talos Tria Github to add this under a “User Modifications” for the Tria. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Oops, here was the picture of the head that popped off on the old design. I forgot it in the original album:

Google Photos

Google Photos

Awesome manufacturing. From design to prototype, you are truly a maker!! Looks amazing.

@Brandon_Satterfield thanks man. Yeah I tried to show the process start to finish as best I could. Though I forgot the picture of the coffee mug next to the computer while modeling at night once the family went to bed :slight_smile: