Had a strange issue today.

(david stewart) #1

Had a strange issue today. I was playing with one of the sample files from the trial version of Vcarve. I had just done a test run that went OK. I did a command to home and the X axis failed the end switch and jammed up against the rail. I manually moved it off the rail and the x end switch tested ok with a meter. I reset the homing fault on cncjs and went to manually bump the X. When I hit X+ or X- it went in the same direction. I unplugged both y’s and plugged in the X cable to a Y axis and the stepper moved in both directions. So, I opened the control box unplugged and replaced the X cable from the circuit header. Put the cables back in place and the X started working properly. But now the Y axis moved in the same direction regardless of clicking Y- or Y+. I see a button on the circuit board – looks like a reset so I give it a good 5sec press. The board reboots and now both X and Y are responding properly. I give a home command an nothing happens. Cycle power on the board and now nothing works X,Y,Z,home. There is 24Vdc going to the driver boards. Other than a homing error the board seems unaware there is a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

(Colin Kaminski) #2

Which driver board are you using?

(david stewart) #3

MKS DLC V2.0 Makerbase

(Colin Kaminski) #4

Cool, I can’t wait to get one. Unfortunately, I can’t help. :confused:

(Edward Bigham) #5

Check all your homing switches. I thought I had mine right and had all kinds of problems. I still have issues with cncjs. It seems buggy at times and just freezes, disconnects at times. I still can’t get it to work with a touch plate correctly. I would love to buy a program but can’t find one.

(david stewart) #6

The switches are oK - first thing I checked. I have been playing around with the R7 and cncjs for the awhile and no problems. I had cncjs running on 2 PC’s and its doing the same on both. Its the board or the stepper drivers. Looks like im going to try a board. MKS DLC V2.0 is available on Ebay for about 16-20$ from china. Don’t see it on Brandon’s store. I’m wondering what the options are.

(Edward Bigham) #7

@david_stewart I have tiny g. I still have issues with cncjs but not as many. Still wanting something more reliable but a stand alone program without internet.

(Colin Kaminski) #8

I am going to switch from the TinyG to the MKS board a bCNC soon. Have you tried capacitors on the homing switches?

(david stewart) #9

Yes, they came with the kit.

(Colin Kaminski) #10

That’s great! Are the switches normally open or normally closed?

(david stewart) #11

Open , close on contact.

(Colin Kaminski) #12

I have had much better luck rejecting noise going normally closed. I don’t know if it will help on the MKS.

(Colin Kaminski) #13

Can you reproduce it with the spindle off? That is the biggest noise source of course.

(david stewart) #14

The problem is independent of the VFD. Everything has been working for over 6 weeks. I’m not 100% sure its the board but the price for a new one is very reasonable. Brandon is shipping me another MKS. Eventually I’ll look for a board with the software pre-loaded in memory.