Had a chance to try out chilipeppr grbl board today.

Had a chance to try out chilipeppr grbl board today. The json server can be connected from a second computer, but sending commands in the Serial Port Console does nothing. The Axes joggling doesn’t do anything either.

The Command registers in all the widgets. But the machine doesn’t move. The messages show that the connection to the json server is successful though. For the serial port, I choose tty/ACM0 at 9600. I know that these settings work because running universal gcode sender on the host that runs the json server allows me to control the machine.

Inside the Serial Port Widget (the one in the lower right corner of the workspace) is your serial port connection to your Grbl in “green” indicating it’s the default serial port device?

Yes it is. The line that says ttyACM0, default, 2400 is green when I start out.

I would then check the checkbox, leave the default in the dropdown, and choose 9600.

You might want to ping Jarret Luft then who maintains the Grbl workspace because if you aren’t seeing anything work in the serial port console then there’s something wrong. Have you tried just using the Serial Port workspace at http://chilipeppr.com/serialport to see if it will at least connect to your Grbl?

I will try that today. From the widget it seems that whatever I am typing into the serial port widget get pushed to the json server. That message then make it to the serial port that I checked?

Just to make sure you’re typing into the correct widget, there is a “Serial Port” widget on right and a “Serial Port Console” widget on left. Are you typing into the “Serial Port Console”? Because that’s the correct one. If you try to type into the other one, that expects Serial Port JSON Server commands like “list” or “sendNoBuf” etc.

I tried typing G0 X10 on both before realizing the left one is the one I need. Both cases, the machine doesn’t move :).

Can you send me a dump of your serial port json server debug output?

Sure. Will do tonight.

@jlauer , here is the log. Looks like something strange with the server talking to the serial port. http://pastebin.com/0vSjfGgY

I have tried talking to the serial port via Universal G-code sender and it does work ok.

Are you sure nothing else is bound to that serial port when you try to connect? You are getting an end of file on the port. Do you have permissions as well?

2014/08/15 22:14:21 serialport.go:107: Hit end of file on serial port
2014/08/15 22:14:21 serialport.go:110: EOF
2014/08/15 22:14:21 serial.go:75: Registering a port: /dev/ttyACM0
2014/08/15 22:14:21 hub.go:82: Got a system broadcast: Error reading on /dev/ttyACM0 EOF Closing port.

The user I am running has the permission. There is nothing else running at the time. I had universal g code sender running previously though. Still I should be able to connect to the serial port and type? To get grbl current status.

Look like the issue is with the chilipeppr widget. Going to localhost:8989, I can send commands directly. e.g.

open /dev/ttyACM0 9600
Opening serial port /dev/ttyACM0 at 9600 baud
{“Cmd”:“Open”,“Desc”:“Got register/open on port.”,“Port”:"/dev/ttyACM0",“Baud”:9600,“BufferType”:""}
send /dev/ttyACM0 ?

Update: serial port widget is working now. This might be because Universal G-code Sender somehow locks the port the first time I start the app and disconnect. Which is kindda strange since I didn’t think there is any locking mechanism for tty.

Either way, time to try jogging functionality and then onto jscut.

Awesome! It wasn’t chilipeppr.