Hackaday's Brian Benchoff (i hope that's the right Brian) wrote up a great overview

Hackaday’s @Brian_Benchoff (i hope that’s the right Brian) wrote up a great overview of the popular electronics boards that are available!
Edit: As @Anthony_White pointed out, the Reprap Magazine, issue 2 ( http://reprapmagazine.com/issues/2/index.html ) has also covered different electronics choices. They also included a comprehensive guide to prevent the most common modes of failure.



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@Alex_Zest English, please. Too bad wordpress (and therefore hackaday) is blocked - have you tried a proxy (or a web-based unblocker)?

they only covered a few options, definitely not as comprehensive as the magazine article recently published

Their photo of a Sanguinololu is of the 1.3b which isn’t open source.

I could use a board to control just the temperature. (Taking apart my old ThingOMatic and using the toothead in my much more reliable CNC machine. The CNC controls X,Y,Z and A=extruder stepper just fine but has no way of controlling temperature)