Habitat for Humanity's first 3D printed occupied home exterior was done in 12 hours!

Watch this time lapse video of Habitat’s first 3D printed home on the East Coast starting THIS WEEK in Williamsburg! Want to learn more? Want to support us? Visit HabitatPGW.org/3D to read about this milestone project, incredible technology and how you can help build this home with us!


Had no idea the application of 3D printing had come so far.

I got a kick out of a guy sitting in front of a laptop controlling a Goliath of a x/y gantry.


I know a guy who made some large scale motor drivers for 2 3D printed home projects so for me it’s good to see it “finally” picking up steam. The projects resulted in a castle being built in a backyard and another was making homes in a South American jungle. All along I was figuring it was not happening here because of massive lobbying by the lumber industry and/or miles of red tape in permitting processes.

It figures it takes a group like Habitat for Humanity to kick things into gear here. But I’m still surprised it’s not a cable based setup as opposed to a standard Cartesian configuration.