Guys Shauki decide to remove him google account.

Guys Shauki decide to remove him google account.
i try to recover him document for make quadrap in flat good point for start to make a QR PRINTER.
try to continue QR family myself.

What the…why did quit?

yesterday night… i think all start from

Shit. Shauki is a 3d genius.

we lose big innovation…(not accepted from other people)

Is he still in forums?

Too bad, didn’t have time to study his design yet. Should have +1 more when we see good stuff for encouragement.

His quadrap github is still up, but file is 9 months old though.

is good point to start…and remeber i half QR just build :smiley:
i don’t understand but delete all youmagine stl too…but i have a copy but before share it want talk with him.
because i want continue work and have fun with him shit is my friend never see it but stay in my heart…and not want miss HIM…shit. sorry but not take well this reaction…i want SHAUKI QR continue to live…is unque printer with 24 bolt can launch in air and recover it on fly by hand without dimount anyithing! yup i launch frame in air and retake on fly with hand…before mounting z stage.

Let us know about sharing his files. I have SolidWorks files of two of his machines.