Guys, I like this project a lot,

Guys, I like this project a lot, I don’t have time right now to try some prints couse my current hobby project, but I will soon.
I have some thoughts about suspension. I saw this 3d printed “shocks” that seems to work better as springs than shocks. Any one did try something like that?

What about suspension system built into the wheel itself? something like , I thing it’s possible to print thin curve bars o circles inside the wheel, it provides tangential suspension, allowing your car to absorb shocks from all directions – even from the front and rear.

Hello @Alejandro_Mp and thanks for posting here!
I think the suspension built in to the wheel is a really cool, i like it!

About you project, the Arglfy it looks awesome! Do you have any videos of it flying? I would love to see it! Also, will you release the files for this beauty?