Guys, I have a question.

Guys, I have a question. I’ve been a long time stalker here because I’ve always wanted a cnc router and/or laser cutter and I have (finally) gotten myself a CNC Router kit and I’m building it at the moment.

I was checking the part list for it and the control board is a 0.9 Grbl board, which I know wont work with Laser Web.

I’m a fair dab hand at Arduino related stuff, so I’m happy to replace this board with something that will work like a Arduino UNO and a Grbl shield that supports 1.1 or greater, but I could really do with a bit of guidance with this as I’d like to spend as little as possible on the right thing first time round (as if proce wasnt such a huge deal I’d get a smoothieware board… :wink: )

If you already have a .9 board you could modify it. Just swap a couple pins going to the arduino.

Some .9 boards have a jumper setting.

This is the board (it’s fairly horrible):

Wow! actually after digging a bit further I’ve managed to find this post where a bunch of very nice people have mapped out the pins already!

Looking at issue 123, it has the CH340 usb-serial converter. This chip works OK for some people and produces erratic behavior for others.

Ok, well I’ll take it as far as I can. I’ll see if I can get grbl 1.1 flashed to it and get LaserWeb connected and give it a go, if it gives me trouble I’ll get a Arduino and Grbl shield.