Guys - I can't seem to reach ,

Guys - I can’t seem to reach, it throws a GitHub error page… any ideas?

Yeah, github recently changed how they do pages/hosting. I need to work on fixing that. In the meantime, you can go right to the github page -

Same here…

(I thought we had until december 1st to move)

Where is the documentation hosted? I skimmed the intro tutorials whilst at work and was hoping to step through them in detail to learn about the library.

Documentation (as much as I managed to skim earlier) looked awesome and set at the right tone for someone new to your lib…

Any way to access it currently?

That is on the wiki on github -

Perfect - thanks!

and the site should be back up now.

Thanks @Daniel_Garcia - did you write this documentation on the Wiki? It’s pretty easy to follow, a nice change (been trying to convince ESP8266 chips to work recently…)

It’s a combination fo work by @Mark_Kriegsman and myself. There’s a lot more documentation that I want to get written for it as well as investigating variations on doxygen for API documentation.

I spent last night getting up to speed and it worked for me so, thanks!

I’m a bit lost on how to co ordinate animations across non adjacent pixels though, so I have a string of 50 WS2811 pixels that will be arranged in three circles, how could you move blocks of colour around all three rings of pixels together? Can’t quite make that leap and I’m struggling to find anyone elses code as a starting point…

Any help much appreciated!