Guys, how many linear bearings are needed for the Eustathios?

Guys, how many linear bearings are needed for the Eustathios? The BOM says two 8mm and two 10mm, but that seems not enough? @Eclsnowman , in your version, on the hotend carriage, are those linear bearings or plastic bushels? Do you have a BOM ? Thanks.

On the side rails there are qty:8 of a 10mm sdpsi self aligning bronze bushing. On the carriage there are qty:4 of a 8mm sdpsi self aligning bronze bushing. For the z axis its two lm10luu (double length) linear bearings.

This applies for my Eustathios variant. Jason Smith’s uses lm8uu (or perhaps lm8luu) on the carriage.

thanks !

Thanks Eric, those are the best prices i’ve seen so far. But I was abit surprised to see an $8.75 handling fee. Can’t remember the last time I was charged a handling fee. It’s still slightly cheaper than buying directly from SDP-SI.

$8 here, $10 there, every nut and bolt creeps up the cost and it adds up so quick.

This is a great place for cheap high quality bolts/nuts. I bought a large variety since they are so cheap. I will be set for years.

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: store temporarily closed”

@Eugene_Lee thanks for the heads up. That didn’t show up on the mobile view. I hate being forced to mobile sites. They usually suck.

How important is the quality of the bearings? What do you think about these:

If you mean to use it on the sliders, those are pillow block bearings and are used to support rotating shafts. In the eustathios, the slider bearings need to support a rotating shaft and also allow linear motion. They also look very heavy. You will want this instead, though they’re not much cheaper.

If you mean to use it as the support for the z-axis threaded rods, they will work with some modifications to the printed parts.

I was thinking of using those to hold the 10mm rods (instead of the eight 3d printed holders).

@Shachar_Weis the frame would require adjustment. The bearing you linked will not fit in the standard frame.

Ah, good point.

Those prices are awesome, @Eclsnowman - I thought buying in China was cheap, but they have screws in lots of 25 that I pay the same price for 5! Going to make friends with them - just wish I had done so before this week - just spent over $700 on hardware and electronics :frowning:

@Mike_Thornbury they are high quality to boot. I just wish they had a few more items.

If they have M3 and M5 screws and the odd nut and washer, they’ll do me :wink: