guys, how do you dry your nylon?,

guys, how do you dry your nylon?, i tried to print with some 645 that has been stored for month and it has lots of wather, it even goes brown at 230c. i left it for 12 hours @50c average, now its on a ziplock bag with some dissecant. i havent tried again, after that “cook”.

I have one of those christmas cookie tins, that is large enough to fit over the spool. I turn on my heated bed to 60c and just simply leave it there overnight. Works pretty well.

@Nicolas_Arias You should be able to place it in an plastic bucket with a few holes drilled to allow some air flow along with a 40-60 watt bulb for 12 hr’s or so. Or as @ThantiK Mentions, a tin of any size that allows for the spool. 645 should dry faster than 618.

nice. I left it on a wooden box with a 60w bulb. I covered the whole thing with a thick piece of fabric. I left a digital temp. inside and it was like 50-60c.

i guess it should be dry now.

printing now a vase, drying it did the trick!, now i will make a more stable drying can and i will keep the filament in there and dry it before use it!

thanks guys!, now i can start exploring this great material!

I keep mine on top of the hot water cupboard