Guys, curious if anyone has ran two machines one cup, er one Chilipeppr?

Guys, curious if anyone has ran two machines one cup, er one Chilipeppr?

Noted SPJS notices both TinyGs. I can jog one, switch COM jog other. Reset zero on one, switch COM and zero the next… Here’s the rub. Setting both homes in a different work spaces seems to confuse CP.

I got both to Zero, loaded one job. Tried:

  1. connecting both COMs, one machine ran.
  2. connecting and preloading several lines, disconnecting, connecting to other and starting job. Machine that started first Jogged while in the machine op.
  3. two instances of Chilipeppr, can’t do this.

So what am I doing wrong here? Show me the way.

Brandon, because ChiliPeppr tries to take the alternate approach of “if 2 or more browsers are connected to the same SPJS try to sync them” doing what you’re trying to do is the opposite. CP defaults to the sync model for folks wanting to have a DRO and/or a jog shuttle and their local laptop all in in sync with SPJS.

So, what about the idea of running a 2nd instance of SPJS on a different port for your 2nd machine? Then connect to that alternate SPJS and I think you might be good to go. serial-port-json-server -addr :8990

@jlauer you always answer so quickly, it’s amazing.

So I tried a very upper level attempt at what you suggested. I’ll dig a little deeper based on your feedback.

What I noticed was the first instance of SPJS picks up both COMs. I believe I would need to kill this link prior to getting a second instance to recognize it. Also assuming the SPJS .exe has script to kill the operation if it is already open? Flashes then disappears.

You’ve known me for a while buddy, this stuff is not my realm.

@Brandon_Satterfield how did that work out for u? I’m interested in running 2 tinygs from 2 chilipeppr instances.

Tom curious about the project? I posted a video a few weeks ago about controlling two TinyG’s at the same time from one instance.

@Tom_Kelly if both TinyGs were running an identical job I believe it is possible.

They don’t have to run identical jobs.

A) You could run a 2nd spjs on an alternate port. Connect to that other spjs from a 2nd browser window. You can run an independent job from the 1st browser window.
B) You could run alternate commands to the 2nd TinyG at the same time as the primary TinyG so that you have 8 axes to work with the way I show in this video

Nice! Happy to share project. What is the best way or place to share the build and my progress for u guys to see? And thank you!

Hey @jlauer when I connect SPJS then go to open a second instance it flashes then disappears. Do I need to direct prior to opening?

Yes, you have to open your primary serial controller last. Open secondary ones first so the last one clicked is the green one which is default. To then talk to the secondary serial ports you gotta do it the way I did it in that video. The laser solder widget is an example of talking to a secondary serial port as well with code you can fork.

Where would you all recommend putting a project description or build? I don’t want to hijack this thread.

I find it hard to understand how to modify chilipeppr to make a widget to display the abc axes with rotation. Ideally chilipeppr would control 2 tinygs simultaneously with a small window showing tool tilt using “a b c” to move a brush or chisel before contacting the surface of the workpiece. I want to avoid custom gcode or firmware. For obvious reasons of future changes.

I will pull the trigger on two tinygs today. Your idea in the video is enough to start. Thanks!