Gshield inch issue. I have a Arduino Gshield GRBL V1.1F firmware.

Gshield inch issue. I have a Arduino Gshield GRBL V1.1F firmware. Chilipepper connects and moves the axis fine but only in mm mode. I can issue a G20 command and the display changes to inch but if I jog it still only moves mm. It is tuned properly so if I enter a jog of 25.4 it moves an inch - this is after I issue a G20 command and the display is in inch. Also the command $jG91G21X+1.000F200 is shown in the command window. So if it is in inch mode why is it sending G21 in the command string? I have not tried to run any gcode yet. I am using the proper hardware fiddle - - I am using the GRBL connection type on the pulldown.
I also have a TinyG and it works fine. I have run many many jobs on the TinyG with no issues.

I think this is an existing bug in the jpadie workspace related to Grbl 1.1. It would be awesome if you could help jpadie out on it, if you know Javascript, because it has come up a few times.

OK thanks. I can look into it this weekend.

I’ve fixed the code in a later commit but it was causing other issues for users so we rolled back.

For the time being I’d suggest using mm or reverting to grbl 0.9j and the grbl workspace.

I have been trying to get back to .9j. So, perhaps a stupid question, but when you try to replace the grbl library, how do you now that Arduino is grabbing the correct one. When I try to add the new (older) library (.9j vs. 1.1) it states that GRBL is already there. If deleted, it still shows up. There’s no indication of level number. It’s just GRBL. Perhaps it’s placing a copy somewhere else. I will then try to flash and it has been failing and I really can’t sort out why. I have done pretty well with most issues, but this one has been tripping me up.

Move the folder with the grbl 1 lib so it is outside the library tree.

To check the installed version just power up the controller and take a look at the output in the serial console within the Arduino IDE.