Greetings K40 owners! I just got mine about a week ago and found tons

Greetings K40 owners! I just got mine about a week ago and found tons of good info here to help me get started. I lasered some wood already with some pretty good outcome. My question is there a way to get the machine to engrave up and down(along the y axis) instead of left and right along the x axis working down toward the front. I get better results if the K40 is not engraving with the wood grain, but there is not much room for the piece I’m trying to do, so it has to go along the y axis.

I don’t think it’s possible (but there is a reason why) but depending on the size you could remove the metal exhaust. I can place now 12"x12".

Yes, there is a way. In CorelLaser, there is a box with X<–>Y next to it, check that.

@Eric_Flynn I never noticed that. I’ll have to give it a try sometime too :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing it out.

I plan on making a document that explains CorelLaser in depth sometime soon.

@Eric_Flynn That would be a handy resource for this community. Good idea :slight_smile:

I did the x<>y thing and it started engraving at the wrong spot, I will mess with it some more tmrow. It seems like it just flipped the work price 90 degrees in the software but the physical object was still where I placed it.

It did go in the direction I want to engrave, just have to figure out how to center everything. Already wish I have the laser pointer upgrade, or some mad math skills!

Placing a single pixel square (or a very very small one) at the reference position you want to use in your drawing will help you line things up properly. That is a MUST when you are doing multiple tasks, or they will not register to one another.

Alternatively I place a rectangle around everything (with no fill & no border) & it also assists with lining up cuts/engraves/multiple tasks. The laser won’t cut or engrave it, so it’s better than the 1 pixel in my opinion.

Yea, I do both. Depends on what I am doing.

I built a honeycomb bed for mine and then taped a piece of paper on the bed and cut a 220mm y at x0 and a 320mm X at y0. and took off the cut off paper. now I have a 0,0 point and lines on my bed. 0,0 for me is lower left corner. Just ordered a MKS Sbase board to replace my Arduino 2560/RAMPS 1.4 controller.

That make a lot of sense, I will try that! Thanks