Greetings folks. I'm looking at the E3D Chimera and Cyclops.

Greetings folks. I’m looking at the E3D Chimera and Cyclops. Any advice on these?

read the wiki :stuck_out_tongue: twice,
why you learning towards e3d and not the diamond lot more fun with the mixing and presets with the Dia. in marlin with RC7.
A tip for cyclops keep both channels loaded with fila ! as written .
little off topic, came across it earlier do like the idea of preset colours.

Chimera will let you have different temps, cyclopse is better for deltas.

I love the chimera - with dual volcano hotends. Works perfectly with the cobblebot

Im running the Chimera on my delta. Its pretty good once setup. I did have a little trouble lvling at first. Thats because of my unique setup i think. Also i switched to the m3 screw in thermistors. They are a lot simpler to handle.