Greetings Everyone. Long time no updates.

(George Allen) #1

Greetings Everyone. Long time no updates. Though I wanted to begin a small business on my own, I’ve discovered it’s going to take more than me. I’ve begun a fundraising campaign to raise additional money to get started. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this (crowdfunding), but I thought that I would post in case anyone was interested. Also, if anyone has any suggestions or questions just shoot me a comment. To those interested visit my Facebook website (Opensource CNC of Savannah) that I intend to use for my business. Currently, it’s mostly photos. Thanks everyone!

(Jérémie Tarot) #2

What does this business has to do with Open Source?

(George Allen) #3

My machines, instruction, guidance & work is based around Opensource resources.

(George Allen) #4

@Jeremie_Tarot I use it as more a general descriptor of my DIY machines and resources. I’m not a software coder myself.

(Jérémie Tarot) #5

Is your machine Open Source ? Are your products Open Source ?
Open Source is not only related to code. It is also applicable to art, design, music (Creative Commons) as well as Hardware (OSHW).
If answer to the two quesions above is “no” then your business name is misleading, adds to the confusion so many companies have already created (more or less intentionaly) and, worst, it is prejudicial for the Open Source projects and communities that have invested time and resources for the greater good.

(George Allen) #6

@Jeremie_Tarot I didn’t license or patent my machine or design. I designed and built it from information I learned over the Internet. The first machine I built was an openbuild’s Ox. It wasn’t my design, but basically assembled according to the design someone else came up with and shared over the Internet. That machine, unfortunately, didn’t suit all my needs so I designed a larger more rigid machine to suit my needs. I’ll have to check that site to see. If it doesn’t meet the criteria, I’ll have to change the name.