Greetings, all! I recently moved to GRBL 1.1 and started using /jpadie.

Greetings, all!

I recently moved to GRBL 1.1 and started using /jpadie. I’ve encountered two issues that I’m not sure how to address.

The more minor one is that macros I create all execute twice. In fact, they save double as well (two entries of the same title every time). I saw someone posted about a similar issue in 2016, but I didn’t see any resolution to the discussion.

The more serious issue I’ve hit is a bit troublesome. I’ll load in a job (drag and drop) and run it fine. I then have a followup job (likely a continuation based on the same coordinates, so I don’t want to reset anything). I drop in that job and it renders fine in the viewer. Once I hit play on the sender, though, it begins executing the PREVIOUS job. For safety reasons, I end up letting it repeat that uselessly to avoid a loss of my zero point. I generally end up reloading ChiliPeppr entirely to get it to send the correct job after this repeat scenario. I thought I had imagined this the other day, but it’s done it to me clear as day again just now.


Hmm. For the issue on one file in 3d viewer and the last one sending that is odd. I wonder if your local storage is near filled and that’s causing a weird bug. Can you try wiping all saved files in the file pull down in the workspace?

Macros executing twice feels like maybe the way you ran the macro? If you ran code that subscribed to an event and never unsubscribed then you can get multiple subscriptions this feel like it is executing twice.