Great assortment of metric screws, nuts and washers

I have been doing more mechanical building and modifying lately and been in need of metric hardware. I found this on Amazon and very impressed. I purchased the button heads but will be purchasing the cap and flat heads to complete my collection. The hardware is 304 stainless.


If you’re looking for a good assortment of metric hardware I can’t say enough good things about:

Granted you have to go through and specifically pick out what you want versus an assortment pack. But the quality and price is really good.

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I will note that for ordering from Trimcraft, you are expected to know the abbreviations for the parts you are looking for. If you click on the left nav “Socket Head Screws” you get this:


Here’s the magic decoder ring:

  • BSC Button Socket Cap
  • BO Black Oxide
  • SS Stainless Steel
  • SCS Socket Cap Screw
  • SSS Socket Set Screw
  • FSC Flat Socket Countersunk

One of the surprises for me ordering from Trimcraft was that the units sole are mostly multiples, but they weren’t pre-packaged. When I ordered 2 of a 25-piece set, I got a single bag with my order number printed on it and 50 items inside. I had expected to get 2 25-piece bags with a general part number.

Even if you start with packaged sets, It’s sure nice to be able to replenish your most commonly-used sizes at a reasonable price. :slight_smile:


I am lucky that I do have a local nut and bolt supply. But you need to know what you want and get it in bulk.

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I’ve ordered numerous times from them in the past, every baggie is labeled, and low minimum quantities make having a wide assortment affordable. The last time I checked they were down, and I was bummed, but it must have been during a maintenance period. I’m very happy to see they are still in business!


Gino at Trimcraft is awesome. One time i needed a few things he didn’t have on his site. I dropped him an email, and he added them to the site by the next day and shipped my order that next day as well. That’s customer service.