GrblGru not reporting status correctly on arduino mega 2560

hello i’m newbie
i have installing grblgru 3.48
first i try to run ch340 cnc 3018 ,and i setting $$ all work status run on verbose output too everything work.

2nd i try run arduino mega 2560(driver ch341)+ramps 5 axis (install mega5x on arduino without xloader)
in grblgru x y z a b 5 axis i try jogging is work but status run on verbose output not show up.
am i make some mistake ,missing something?
need help please
thankyou verymuch

First of all thanks for giving GrblGru a try. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I haven’t understood yet what the problem is. Therefore I still have some questions:

  • Does GRBL show up ready in the left controller window?
  • Is the 3D model moving ?
  • Are the motors moving ?
  • What version of Mega-5X have you flashed ?

Can you please make a screenshot of the two controller windows when the error occurs

this is setting $$ grbl mega5x grblgru arduino2560+ramps 1.4

cmiiiw .need help to run correctly. thankyou

according to gblmega5x pin out map,may will be like this

cmiiw .need help for progress

I read in your Youtube comment that you had problems with flashing the Mega with Xloader.
You cannot see in the screenshots which GRBL version you have loaded now.
Please check this once. It should be grbl1.1L (see pic 1)

Then I suggest the following procedure:

  • Remove the ramp board
  • Connect only the Mega via USB to GrblGru
  • Switch on the macros in the settings (see pic 2)
  • Select the GRBL macro file (see pic 3)
  • Start the macro “SetSettings4milly@mega”; Attention ! this overwrites your settings, save them first (see pic 4)
  • Press the Jog Button X -> (see pic 5)

The X position must now change

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ok thanks a lot,i’ll try it.