GrblGru 3.49 Released with raised text

Release notes V3.49 (Free download from

once again I would like to announce a new version of my program.
The attached video “From Carving to Inlay (part 2)” this time concerns the creation of raised text.
The reworked function “Pocket Contour parallel” for machining pockets with islands thus provides the basis for the production of inlays, which however can only be presented in the next version.

Nevertheless I hope that there is already something interesting for some of you.

Have fun with GrblGru


Awesome program.

Would you have tangential knife cutting in mind to add at some point?

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Thanks. So far I have only integrated one drag knife technology into GrblGru.
And to be honest I just had to google the difference between a drag knife and a tangential knife.
Yes and I have to say that sounds very interesting and I also think it is possible. However, including the practical test it will take some time.
At the moment I would not have time for that. Also because I will have 3 weeks of vacation soon.

But I thank you for this hint. It will definitely be on my ToDo list. :slight_smile:


OK, enjoy your holiday!

If you need further advice just let me know I have a great deal of experience with knife cutting technology.

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That’s great. I’d be happy to take your help.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I have a version that can be used for testing.