GrblGru 3.49 Released with raised text

Release notes V3.49 (Free download from

once again I would like to announce a new version of my program.
The attached video “From Carving to Inlay (part 2)” this time concerns the creation of raised text.
The reworked function “Pocket Contour parallel” for machining pockets with islands thus provides the basis for the production of inlays, which however can only be presented in the next version.

Nevertheless I hope that there is already something interesting for some of you.

Have fun with GrblGru


Awesome program.

Would you have tangential knife cutting in mind to add at some point?

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Thanks. So far I have only integrated one drag knife technology into GrblGru.
And to be honest I just had to google the difference between a drag knife and a tangential knife.
Yes and I have to say that sounds very interesting and I also think it is possible. However, including the practical test it will take some time.
At the moment I would not have time for that. Also because I will have 3 weeks of vacation soon.

But I thank you for this hint. It will definitely be on my ToDo list. :slight_smile:


OK, enjoy your holiday!

If you need further advice just let me know I have a great deal of experience with knife cutting technology.

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That’s great. I’d be happy to take your help.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I have a version that can be used for testing.

Excelent program. Just I construct by myself the Unimat Sl mini lathe interface and is working all fine. Just want to know if there is any possibility to incorpotate again the 2D scan option to make piece copy in the lathe with the GrblGru. I saw a video with a version 3.9.0 that have that choice. If possible will be appreciate your valuable help.

Thank in advance and all the best.


Unfortunately there was no interest in a scan mode for lathes. Anyway, I did not receive any feedback on it.
Therefore I did not include the lathe mode when revising the scan mode.
I will have a look at it again. But this may take some time. When I have finished something I will contact you here.

Thanks, Thanks a lot. Just doing this project once I´m retired due a heart surgery and I´m spending time for fun and make something good in this time. Once finished my project I will do a video with the Unimat SL 1000 to show you all the interfase with your software and also with my own program to manual control of the lathe.

I appreciate if is possible to leave the choice at least in the basic mode for UNIMAT to scan surface in lathe mode. Thanks in advance again.

All the best.


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on my website is a new beta version V3.49.9. it contains the first attempt to make measuring on the lathe available again.
I have made a short video about it. It shows how to measure an STL object virtually. The calculated GCode can also be sent to the controller.
Unfortunately my probe is not working at the moment. Therefore I could not make any tests in practice.
Please let me know if something is not working.


Thanks, thanks a lot for your collaboration to include the option to scan in the lathe mode.

Really appreciate your time and help to increase the productivity with your valuable CNC tool.

All the best,


PD. Sorry for the last post that I deleted once was my fault that I did not apply the changes to activate the probe. Thanks

Hi. GrblGru. Just installed the probe and trying to make somes tests with Unimat SL. but always I try to run the probe tool always receive the Grbl error 9.

I don´t undestand what I´m doing wrong. My email is I will send to you videos and pictures of my lathe configuration and when have time please help me if is possible to run properly the probe tool.

Thanks again.


We will certainly solve the problem together. :slight_smile:
I send you an email

:blush: Ok ready. Thanks all the best.


Did you ever get the time to look into tangential knife cutting?



Yes, I did. In my new beta version V3.49.14 is a first try.
I also made a short video about it.
Surely some things are still missing or even wrong. But this way we once have a basis for discussions.
I would be glad to get some tips for improvement from you.


I wanted to ask the author of grblgru if it is possible to manage the manual through a joystik or usb joypad also the setting of buttons.
it would improve the work of the cnc

I’m sorry. At the moment I have only implemented a remote control unit.

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Continuing the discussion from GrblGru 3.49 Released with raised text:

Big thank you to the author for your brilliant program. I have found a few limitations with 4 axis cam though, as in there arent full 4 axis cam functionality, more a 2+1 rotational. I have found another free multi axis cam software plugin that has full upto 6 axis called “cnctoolkit” , a plugin for “gmax” , unfortunatly no longer maintained. This plugin does seem to have the full 4 axis as in all 4 axis can move simultaneously. My main question here is can you adapt there code to your brilliant program to bring it more functionality, “cnctoolkit” is written in Maxscript. “cnctoolkit” is open source ,

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I know the programme “cnctoolkit”. unfortunately, I have not yet had the time to test it extensively. But a friend of mine has had some experience with it and together we tried to simulate the generated GCode with GrblGru, which was also very promising.
But I haven’t done anything in that direction for a while now. But I’m willing to give it another try if you want to deal with it.
I recommend my friend’s website. and his YT channel - YouTube