GrblGru 3.46 Released with six-axis robot arm support

Release notes V3.46.0

In the new version V3.46.0 a new 3D model of a 6-axis robot arm has been added.
It is the WE-R2.4, which was designed by Jeff Kerr at Thingiverse.

For those who are interested in details about the WE-R2.4, I recommend the very good 3-part documentation by John Lauer on YouTube

In my video I describe how to integrate the model in GrblGru and bring it to life with macros.
The work showed me once again what a great help a simulation is e.g. when learning GCode.
I would be very pleased if GrblGru could contribute to transfer knowledge about CNC technology.

GrblGru is now also available with Japanese texts. Many thanks to the unknown donor. :slight_smile:

Have fun with GrblGru