GrblGru 3.45 Released with new machine models and object editor

Release notes V3.45

Lately I have unfortunately not been able to document the changes of GrblGru.
In fact, a lot of internal improvements have been made in the meantime, which will put the further development on a solid base.
But hopefully there have also been some improvements, especially in the area of simulation and the display of the tool path.
Also some new machine models like a new styrofoam cutter, a grinding machine or different robot arms have been added.
Finally the new editor mode has been added, which allows to scale, rotate and reposition selected geometric objects (DXF or SVG).

I hope that I will be able to deliver the corresponding documentation in the near future. :slight_smile:
In the new video I have therefore dealt with the robot arms, which can be produced with 3D printers and are therefore quite cheap.

Have fun with GrblGru