GrblGru 3.44 Released with enhanced rotary axis support

Release notes V3.44.0

The possibility to control a rotation axis with the Mega-5X software caused me to rework the necessary functions for the projection of DXF or SVG drawings. For example, it is now possible to position and orient the rotation axis in the XY plane without having to change the 3D model. In addition to normal cylinders, any shaped rotation-symmetrical workpieces can now be engraved.

I am of the opinion that a rotary axis is a real enrichment for a 3-axis control, which extends the production spectrum enormously. For this reason I can only recommend this extension. Especially if you have the possibility to build your own axis.

The video shows the necessary process from the scanning of the workpiece, over the creation of the job, up to the milling. But there are also examples how to mount a rotary axis on machines like LowRider or the MpCNC.

The new version now also contains screen texts in Italian.

Have fun with GrblGru