GrblGru 3.43 Released with Advanced GCode macro support

Release notes V3.43

it can happen that you are confronted with tasks that are a little off the main stream and cannot be solved satisfactorily by any of the standard programs.
In this case you always have the possibility to create the GCode by hand.
The GCode language is very simple and you can often do a lot with just a few commands.
This simple structure becomes a disadvantage if you have to program e.g. several runs or more complex things.
Loops, conditional jumps and parameters are not supported by the standard GCode as it is used by GRBL, TinyG, Mega-5X, G2core etc…

The new GrblGru version V3.43 now provides an ‘Advanced GCode’ with the mentioned features.
The ‘Advanced GCode’ is translated by the Macro Compiler into the normal GCode. This GCode can then be used normally.

The video shows some examples.

Have fun with GrblGru :slight_smile:

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