GrblGru 3.42 Released with Mega-5X interface

Release notes V3.42

A friend of mine gave me a tip some time ago to take a closer look at the Arduino Mega 2560.
Now that I’ve gotten to work with this controller and especially with the Mega-5X software available on it, I’m very impressed. In combination with a RAMPS driver card developed for the 2560, you can get a complete 5-axis CNC system (3 linear and 2 rotary axes) for just 25 Euros.

In the new GrblGru version V3.42 an interface for Mega-5X is now available. The attached video shows all necessary steps from flashing the Mega 2560 to moving the axes with GrblGru.
In order to test the whole thing at my desk, I built myself a little test environment with 5 stepper motors.
Since I don’t have a RAMPS board yet, I simply used 2 CNC-Shield Boards as drivers.

Have fun with GrblGru