GrblGru 3.39 Released with enhanced multi-directional surface scanning

Release notes V3.39

the topic of measuring and probing with the help of the G38.2 function hasn’t quite let go of me yet. It’s fascinating what you can do with a 10 Euro Arduino and the GRBL program.

A friend of mine provided me with an old discarded probe, with which I could demonstrate the handling in the attached video. Since I unfortunately have a tendency to use temporary solutions, the mounting of the probe is rather suboptimal. :slight_smile:
But my main goal was to be able to show the actual measuring.

In the new version, I have also extended the measurement spectrum so that you can now measure in all directions. This makes it possible to measure angles, find centers and much more.

Have fun with GrblGru

I would have liked to give here a link on my youtube video. But it is not allowed to me. What am I doing wrong ? Can someone please explain to me how to do this ?

Thanks for mentioning it, I fixed it for you.

(It’s a Discourse auto-spam-prevention feature; by default new users have to interact with the site for a while before they are allowed various things. I just told the system you are trusted.)


Thanks for your help. Now it works. :slight_smile:
Is that perhaps the same reason why my last post (Apr 27) was flagged and hidden?

Here is the video

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Yes that was most likely the reason.