Grbl workspace all debugged now and working well.

Grbl workspace all debugged now and working well. Please report bugs if you find them.

I have not been aware of any issues. I see that some work is needed on the grbl 1.x workspace too. I’m unlikely to have time to do that for ten days unfortunately; although I have long since migrated some of the key widgets to github.

I didn’t migrate the axis widget as that seems to load its own subwidgets and was breaking when migrated. Perhaps we can just use the tinyg axis widget.

@Justin_Adie I migrated the axes widget and cleaned up the dependency on the Work Coordinate System widget, so you could point to that new URL as well now for Axes. The touch plate is migrated and so are most of the widgets.

@jlauer - thanks that helps enormously. I have updated the temporary grbl1 workspace to mirror the new load urls. it should be functional with some cache refreshes

Also, you’ll notice I used the latest serial port console which has a better filtering algorithm. In /grbl I’m filtering lines starting with [ and with <. Those, of course, can be toggled off to see all data. You just pass in a regular expression on the .init() call.
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