GRBL plotter cable management

I am building a pen plotter and I’m trying to work out the cable management. Can anyone suggest where I can get something to tie the cables to along the lines of what’s in this image?


You don’t by any chance have a reference to a higher-resolution image? It looks like custom piece of plastic to me. Nylon would be an obvious material, and cable ties are typically nylon, so they might be an easy source of appropriate material. Maybe get some of the biggest cable ties you can find? I think I’ve seen 24" cable ties at the big box home improvement stores.

Alternatively, perhaps you could re-use a piece of carton strapping? Some of the plastic strapping is fairly stiff, or maybe even steel strap?

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I also was thinking along the lines of cable ties. Look for the ones used for heating and air flexible ductwork. They are typically wider.

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Thanks for the tips!

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