GRBL-LPC Supported boards

I have been using an MKS Sbase for sometime now. Any reason to look at another supported board for a new build?

This will be connected to external steppers and a RECI W4 100W Co2. Looking for stability and engraving speed.

There is no big difference between the compatible boards.
Unfortunately the cheaper MKS boards w/o stepper drivers (like GEN, SGEN) do not work with Grbl-LPC. The DLC may eventually work, as step and dir pins are on one port, but was never tested.

I could recommend the Cohesion3D Remix or Mini boards (which doesn’t have stepper drivers), but it seems they are not available anymore.

As I understand it, currently GRBL for ESP32 is not as fast at engraving as GRBL-LPC?

The MKS Sbase does have connectors for external steppers which is what I have been doing. I was just curious on some of the quality concerns others have expressed. I have not had much issues, but I have not used it in a production setting.

I don’t have much experience with GRBL-ESP32, I just tested that it works with LW4.

I am using an MKS SBase V1.3 in my K40 and never had problems, but I’m using it only occationally.

I only now noticed the PIN mapping limitations here:

Just worth noting for the next person who sees “GRBL-LPC Supported boards” that SKR 1.3 and 1.4 are not supported and won’t be supported.

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