Gotta love technology.

Gotta love technology.

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Where can I get one of those?? :wink:

It’s 5:00pm somewhere!

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I’ve a Samsung one, I should have got a Pebble - I really miss not having to touch a button to see the time / display. eInk would be more useful than my colour screen.

Please tell me this is hooked into chilipeppr?

Very sweet. More details please.

Are you sharing or just showing off?

Finally a reason to buy one of those.

@y_milord Yes Technology is GREAT. I have followed your build and notice you use a TinyG. I am currently building a CNC Router and I have a TinyG board but worry about the amp draw on my steppers, 2.8 amps per channel. I noticed you asked for info in another community about using external drivers with the TinyG2. What drivers are you planning to use? I know your steppers are way bigger than mine, but I thing I should use external steppers powered by TinyG since that option is available with the TinyG. I guess you could say I’m at a loss for what to do and looking for help from someone who has been there and figured it out. I was also looking into using a RPi2 to run GRBL and the CNC so I don’t have to always use my laptop. Thanks for any help you can give.

@Edmund_Betlinski if you get rpi2 to work as a stand alone controller please inform me how to do it. I wont have internet access to networking options isnt an option.

Not using TinyG. I am using GRBL. Though I was able to compile and flash TinyG2 to a Due (specially a UDOO Quad), I was have having issues with it’s serial connections. This was mostly due how the UDOO handles it’s internal serial connections with the onboard SAM3X8E. So I scrapped that idea for now. I’ll revisit when I have more time.

The external drivers I am using are 5x M5045’s. (X, Y1, Y2, Z & A (Installed but not configured- yet.) The controller software is OctoPrint (A Heavily modified, purpose built version that I have made.)

The image above it a watch app for the Pebble that connects to OctoPrint via it api and pulls the ‘Time Left” status. It gives you the option to pause, resume and E-stop (which is triggering a home made python script that drops a GPIO pin to low to a SSR and kills power to the drivers/spindle.)

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@mark_dandridge My RPI is on back order so it will be a while before I can let you know, but I will post the results. In the interim, there is a YouTube video called Tom’s Review in which he specifically tells how to set up a RPiB+ running OctoPrint with a 3D Printer. The OctoPrint web site has a link to the video. He calls it OctoPi and it is quite good. Hope that will help.

@y_milord Thank you for the info. I have seen a lot of TB-6600 and TB-6560 drivers but not the 5045. Since I don’t know much about the pro’s or con’s of each, or why people pick one over another for the same application I always ask hoping to find the correct one.

M5045 is the model number for the external driver. TB-6600 is the IC aka chipset. The 5045’s have TB-6600’s in them.

@y_milord Thanks again. Slowly but surely I’ll get there.

Are you saying you leave your CNC running unattended!? tsk tsk! :slight_smile:

For multi-hour jobs. Yeah. I do. I trust my machine.

I’ve spent a lot of time tuning/calibrating/upgrades it to get that point. No different from my 3D Printers and my Laser cutter.

I really liked my Pebble, it met a poor end against a metal door frame. Having it display your print status is a great use!

That’s pretty slick.

Somewhere on my to-do list is to set up one of the open home assistant platforms with a voice user interface (VUI) for machines in my shop. I would have fun asking it to let me know about failures and completions. Linking that with a wearable like your watch sounds like twice the fun.