Gotta love Japanese art.

Gotta love Japanese art.


Thanks @funinthefalls .

What kind of wood are you using to engrave on?

@funinthefalls …alder wood planks.

The definition of colour (or shades of black) is really quite high. I count at least 8 different shades in that engrave. Amazing. What’s your file preparation method Scott?

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y …I’m editing in paint shop pro…resize then edit in grayscale histogram…on my machine 70 through 210 in the grayscale histogram works best if I stay in that range…over 210 is to dark …under 70 is too light.

The problem is that I’ve been using birch plywood trying to get the settings right on my machine…not knowing that no settings will work well doing photos on birch…it won’t raster dark colors well…it either burns or is too light…alder wood is the way to go…I’ve had good luck with clear acrylic too

Would you mind pointing us to the alder wood planks you are buying specifically? I would love to see your settings as well. The pics have been really great to see.

@Brandon_Smith …amazon is where I buy the Alderwood…they are cooking planks…settings are 300mm/s at 35% power.

@Scott_Thorne Thanks Scott. Yeah, I’ve found that every time I change materials to play around with I end up having to tweak settings again for suitability with that material. I haven’t used PSP since around 2000, so I will have to look into what it’s functions do then compare to Photoshop. I’m fairly certain I should be able to do the same with histogram/levels in Photoshop.

@Scott_Thorne ​ can you post the image after adjustments.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty @Scott_Thorne Before & after adjustments would be nice to see.

I’ve got photoshop also…you can achieve the same results with it.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty …sure

Is this quality possible on the k40?

@Tony_Schelts …I would have to say yes.

I quess coreldraw or photo should provide the same result.

They will…just take time and some scrap wood…one thing very important…once the image had been prepared you can’t resize it without screwing up the image…it must be resized first then edited.