Got to do some test fitting today, everything went together quite nicely.

Got to do some test fitting today, everything went together quite nicely. This thing is a freakin tank! Can’t build the gantry until I get those ball screws trimmed up. Screwed up and ordered 500mm instead of 450mm.

I had blue ABS on hand, and 1000mm black 2020 aluminum extrusion was only $5.50 per stick when I ordered from SMW3D. Therefore, I ended up with a blue and black color scheme. I think it looks pretty good.

Looks great @Bryan_Weaver ​, love the black and blue look. And the color scheme is fitting… Printers kick my ass from time to time :wink:

That blue and black together looks awesome! Makes me want to switch from red to blue almost… :wink:

My new build is gonna be blue and black. Looks fantastic! I like the second crossbar on the bed assembly, but I don’t think it is all that necessary. What color are the floor and side panels going to be?

Yeah, the second cross bar isn’t necessary, this thing is solid as a rock. But I had a leftover ~600mm length of 2020 left after I had everything cut, so I put some of that to use.

Not sure yet what I’m going to do with the bottom and side panels. I have some clear acrylic sheet leftover from another project. I’ve been wondering how that would look…

I was considering clear acrylic too. I don’t want to make it black as I think that’ll be just too much black.

I’m sure it has been posted before, but do you have any more info on that ball screw mod? I’d like to add that to my CAD files. I’m hoping to sort of document all the various changes and variants in a single OnShape document.

Check out Walter Hsiao’s designs on thingiverse. He’s got modified bed supports and z-axis supports to use the ball screws from aliexpress.