Got this today for the Spider V2 build.

Got this today for the Spider V2 build. I got so excited when I saw the dimensions!!!

I tossed my sunglasses on there to have something to compare the size to.

Yeah looks nice when new, but smells super bad. I washed it with soap and water and dried it. But it still stinks bad (but not nearly as much). Anyway to get the smell off?

Alirubber, I suppose?

Mine stopped stinking after about a week sat in the garage. I have not powered it up yet though.

@Christian_Werner Yes.

I haven’t noticed the smell I guess. When does it start smelling?

I guess it depends on how well cured the rubber is that’s all the smell is.

Turn it on for ten hours or so, should burn off all the volatiles.

Can someone tell me how much such silicon heater costs? For an 300mm x 300mm heated bed.

You can email and ask her. I paid $50.00 for the 320mmx320mm.

I paid 55.50$ delivered, 320x320 500W heater with two thermistors embedded.

thanks for the fast answers :slight_smile: