Got the workshop PC all set up.

Got the workshop PC all set up.
(Touchscreen on an articulated arm.)
Endoscope camera will be integrated into the CNC.
Video chat (e.g. a hangout from the workshop) from the touchscreen PC that controls the CNC.
Multimeter can directly feed readings via USB and save values, tables of values and graphs to documen stuff.
Pocket-Osciloscope exports screenshots via USB too.
And I got access to calender (to make notes) and Google+. :slight_smile:

PS: the pyramids are Basotect soundproofing.
I’m standing in front of the “documentation” corner with the large diaphragm microphone.
To the right is “mechanics”,
to the left is “electronics”.
Behind the camera is “large machines” with drill press, belt+stone grinder and the CNC.
Just barely out of sight is the light table for object photography.
Each of these tables has it’s own circuit breaker and lots of power plugs.



Nice cave!

What you can’t see is that the ceiling is barely a centimeter higher then me (and I’m not particularly tall) and the wide angle makes it seem larger and deeper then it is.

looks unreal but awesome

Nice and bright!

LED strip running in the trapezoids all along over the workbench.
Nice, shadow free light to work in.
Also a strong ceiling lamp in the middle.

Electronics has an iluminated magnifying glass as an addition.

Very nice setup. My printer is in my office, all my ‘other toys’ are in my ‘shop’ (a converted box from a van) in the back yard. One day they will all be together…

Does it get cold in winter, where you are?
What about noise and neibours?

It can get down into the 20’s during the wintertime (at might). I live on 2 acres and the neighbors don’t complain about all the stuff I do (I have a foundry furnace also).

+20°C ? -20°C? +20°F? I suppose you don’t mean +20°K. :wink:

Hehe… sorry +20F…

+1 if I spy a vacuum sealer.