Got some new red vinyl for the drag knife...made something for my son's wall.

Got some new red vinyl for the drag knife…made something for my son’s wall. I love using Artcam express!

Looking good! What dragknife setup are you using? And how are you holding the vinyl down for the cut?

Hi Ben, I documented it here:

Nice thanks!

Hi there, not really other than mounting the spindle in the upper set of holes and use the lower for other things. I took my Makita to a local engineering shop with the stock mount and they made be a great ring adapter. As for everything else I just use the existing holes (lower) in the Z plate.

Andrew, how are you, if you are, accounting for the offset of the blade? Most vinyl cutter blades have a 0.25mm offset. Is there a setting that handles that automatically like my Roland Stika driver does?

I am converting an old printer into a vinyl cutter,, and this is the last part of the puzzle that I haven’t figured out. You’ll see my post at the bottom of that page from around Christmas 2019.