Got my unit running on 1.23 for PWM and 2.5 for enable (MKS SBase

Got my unit running on 1.23 for PWM and 2.5 for enable
(MKS SBase 1.2/1.3) NOTE THE SETTING: 2.5^ leave out the ! for pin inversion. you do not want to invert the pin.
Brian W.H. Phillips was right about the LED taking it to 24V when idle.
I pulled D14 and everything is hunky doree now…
I would be concerned if running an SBase board that this could potentially damage the circuit in the LPSU. Looking at a spare power supply I have here it looks like the L pin on the PSU is the cathode pin of an opto isolator. (photo transistor, opto coupler…) the tiny little led inside could definitely be damaged if it is connected to the 24v rail and should it fail internally the everything on the 5v rail on the SBase board could be destroyed. Do Brians zeiner diode trick or pull the diode. either way you shouldn’t run it without some mod or protection.


Can you post your config file? I have an sbase bpoard I want to use in my Redsail LE400 laser. It is an older 40w with a larger bed than the K40, so I really want to get it going, the original controller is not made anymore and no one at redsail even new what board they used…it is that old. But solidly built, and I made the Z axis motorized (It had a hand wheel originally, so it was easy to just add a stepper.

Absolutely. this is setup for the K40… I’m still tinkering with the endstops but the settings should be correct. Also this is set at 1/32 microstepping for a quieter ride…

Says I need permision to access.

try now?

I can fit a true 50w tube in it so once I have it up and running I will order a 50W and upgrade it, will be about twice as powerful as a K40, so I should be able to cut 3/4 plywood in 1 or 2 passes with air assist.

Thats gonna be a treat!

Say, can you get the file now?

Access denied, you should have an email from me that google sent requesting access

I thought I made it public… ok let me do some research

ok youve got it

OK worked finally

can you see the images linked to this post?


are you using a level shifter on the PWM pin?


I would send you one but I think shipping is more than its worth…
I can put a stamp on it but there isn’t any room for an address.

Thanks for the info. Another question, did you leave the pot in as well to allow manually adjusting the current?

It’s there but the wiper is disconnected and moved to the level shifter. once you go 2 wire the pot will bugger up everything. can’t mix PWM and analog input…

I could have sworn I saw someone whho had both the pot and the PWM input. Will have to do some searching in the communities.

its all software controlled now… which may or may not prove to be a pain in the ass for on the fly tuning… but I think raster work will be a lot nicer.
I really won’t know until I start burning stuff, but I figure DSP Redsails and Epilogs don’t have a pots so there has got to be something to this software definable power stuff