Got my smoothieboard. Hooked it up and it came up. Yeah.

Got my smoothieboard. Hooked it up and it came up. Yeah. Did the Windows (10-64bit) install for Lasweb3. I am new to this interface but have been running Chilipeppr and teaching it to clients. Tried opening a few file types and playing around without looking at any documentation. Looks like it’s got a way to go to be intuitive for my woodworker clients. Lots to learn but so far it looks WAY better than the Chinese crap software. I have not looked at the status of what is implemented and what isn’t. I will be converting a K40 but was just getting used things before I go over to the client’s shop. FUN!

Welcome @Steve_Anken ​. If you need help just say it. Good to know you like it.

Well, I thought I had it going and it looks like it should be jogging the motor but I get nothing and I see it telling me I need to config it for my machine. I’ll go look at what the K40 folks are doing to see if they have a config I can us for this machine. I just wanted to test the functionality before setting it up for a specific machine. It’s a bit confusing compared to Chilipeppr that seems easy for non-techie we deal with.

@Steve_Anken ​ I don’t believe there is something in the setting that will prevent from jogging. On the upper left you need to select your smoothie serial port and click connect. That’s it.

No, and yes I saw that but have not looked into how to do it yet. My bad. Sorry, I have a lot going on right now so I have to switch between things to get anything done on this project. Thanks for any help, I am very new to the laser stuff but we have a number of builds using TinyG and Chilipeppr that are working great for people who are not very tech savvy.

Flashed it, file name changed as per instructions. I went to edit the config in Notepad and it was a mess with no LF CR so I copied the github config and rebooted. Nothing looks wrong in the config with 1.6A for the alpha current. It’s just a Nema 23 I pulled off a working machine (running TinyG). Anyway, lots more to read and learn before I feel like I have some idea how this board works. [Sigh]