Got my OX from SMW3D all setup (except the spindle).

(Jace Richardson) #1

Got my OX from SMW3D all setup (except the spindle). Here’s a quick rapids test.

(Riley Porter (ril3y)) #2

@Jace_Richardson sweet dude. If i had to guess it looks like your jerk is set pretty low. However this might be exactly what you want. It really depends on the materials you are milling. #TinyG can move much faster than that. Looks hot man!

(Michael Jacobsen) #3

What’s your X and Y mm/min.? Just set mine to (max) 7000mm/min…

(Jace Richardson) #4

It was pretty low - probably the default inside Chilipeppr. I guess “rapid test” was a bad title - maybe just axis test?

I bought some non-latching hall-effect sensors to use as endstops so that’ll be the next thing I add.

I thought of a pretty cool idea for keeping debris completely off the wheels, rails, and belts. I’ll share that with you guys as soon as I get the proof of concept setup.

(Riley Porter (ril3y)) #5

Ahh are you running 440.16 or .15? Either way I built them with pretty conservative setting maxes. I think the default jerk setting is like 20. Which is pretty darn low. Its not too bad for a lead screw driven machine with some considerable mass behind it. You should experiment with your $xjm and $yjm values. See what suits your setup.

(Michael Jacobsen) #6

@Riley_Porter_ril3y Any tips/tricks on finding the correct jerk-settings? What should we be looking for?

I’m using G2 myself.

(Riley Porter (ril3y)) #7

So it really depends. For most of us I think the higher jerk values will only be really apparent in the rapids. However jerk settings affect cutting moves also. The way I like to test a machine out is I will do a move like
followed by a

Then observe. When the toolhead starts to come back (aka at the end of the move) look at how the machine reacts to the “jerk” or the sudden change of direction. If you see the machine struggle or react like in a “jerky” motion at the end of the move you should lower the jerk value and try again.

My comment about seeing rapids only… I will explain. Most of the time we are cutting at pretty slow speeds. Especially if you are doing hard wood or metal etc. So it will be less apparent that the jerk speed is actually raised. Go ahead and test it out. Change your values to something “wicked fast” and where your rapids are not stalling out.

Then do something like:

g1x0f300 (f300 is not really needed since tinyg is modal and will have the setting from the last move but just for clarity)

This should look much different that the rapids you did above.

I will see if I can get a video of this in action.


(Michael Jacobsen) #8

Thanks @Riley_Porter_ril3y .