Got home today to a nice Little surprise.

Got home today to a nice Little surprise. Thx @Brad_Hill and @Patrick_Woolfenden for the amazing little printer, even the wife gave me a Aww for the size of the printer. #KittenPrinter

Brad I printed the Benchy on the SD card and that was amazing, any chance you could let me know what u sliced it with and if you have a profile u don’t mind sharing. I would really appreciate it. Thx

Glad this thing found a new home.

So is it Nema 14 motors on this thing? I was reviewing the BOM and that caught my eye.

I caught one of these at MRRF btw. I agree with the awww.

The wiring skills of @patrick_woolfenden1 ​ are far beyond my skills. All wiring exposed… Still looks amazing.

Yeah, all 14s except the extruder, IIRC. I always liked 14s, and I was ready to build one of these until I read the BOM to start ordering parts and found that most of them were imperial.

@Amit_Patel ​ glad to hear it arrived safely! If you go to the printer kitten github there is a cura profile, I used that.

The g code might say what slicer was used. Some slicers will even read the profile settings from the g code header.