Got an email from Reprap discount about their new indigogo campaign for all metal

Got an email from Reprap discount about their new indigogo campaign for all metal extruders. Seems like a nice bit of hardware but they ain’t cheap…

Is a Nema17 necessary? Seems big and heavy - mine has a Nema11.

It looks heavy, but may not weigh much more than the geared stepper I got from MakerGear. I like the big drive pulley. That does seem less likely to slip (more teeth engaged).

I don’t think you’d want to use these for anything other than Bowden, too Damn heavy. The price just seems prohibitive compared to the seemecnc ezstruder for $31 without motor-

That ezstruder looks nice - does anyone know if an e3d hot end fits into it?

Standard J-Head mount so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Those prices do seem a little steep, but if every piece of their extruder is being custom fabricated (including the gearbox) then it’s not quite so strange.

I wonder if it offers significant advantage over any other geared extruder. I wish they’d release the drawings before the campaign ends… But maybe I’ll just have to wait, get a good look at those, and then decide.

Yeah I like the idea of nema 11 with the integrated metal gearbox for direct drive. For Bowden I suppose weight doesn’t matter! I wonder specifically what it is about this design that makes it less likely to jam, I’d have thought that was down to the hot end!

@Liam_Jackson Grabbing power of the driving toothed pulley/hobbed bolt, driving power of the extruder, and space for the filament to buckle within the extruder will also contribute to extrusion failure that acts more or less like a jam.

@John_Ridley Exactly my position too, wades works fine and if something gets broken it’s free to replace!