Got a paneless Desktop with this gem upon first boot...

(Joey Carlini (moocow1452)) #1

Got a paneless Desktop with this gem upon first boot…

—Openbox Syntax Error—
One or more XML syntax errors were found while parsing the Openbox configuration files. See stdout for more information. The last error was in file “/home/debian/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml” line 1, with message: Start tag expected, “<” not found

SSH works fine, hope I don’t have to reflash to get a gui or at least get to a terminal?

(Jezra) #2

Well that is not good; but it certainly isn’t terrible and you shouldn’t have to reflash. Can you ssh into the device and run the distribution appropriate sofware upgrade?

(Joey Carlini (moocow1452)) #3

Yeah, I’ve been building stuff on it for the past day. Think I should run another desktop enviroment? Or is there a reference file I can put in .config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml from the main image I can pull somewhere?

(Jezra) #4

The LXDE site probably has a very generic lxde-rc.xml file that you should be able to copy into that location. Since LXDE isn’t working at the moment, why not try a few other DEs and see how you like them? You might find something new that really works well for you.